His-Sickles International Mission (HIM)

We are in Uganda as God’s sickles thrust forth!

Our Mission.

Witnessing for Jesus and making disciples who follow Jesus to bring His kingdom among all peoples


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Empowerment Program

We empower participants in sharpening their skills, while we engage them we give them the opportunity to create, sell and make profit.

Health Care

We provide opportunities for young mothers to vaccinate and provide health care to their kids.


We are growing local disciples who intercedes, evangelize and make disciples of others.

We are on a mission

His-Sickles International Mission (HIM) is fundamentally a Christian mission’s ministry. By this, we mean that Christ’s cause for global worship is our primary pursuit. HIM began operations in Yei, South Sudan in June 2005; partnering with Sudan for Christ Ministries, led by Bishop Stanley Lo-Nathan. Raising, sending, and supporting youthful mission endeavors going northward of South Sudan is central to our existence.

Our Missions

  • Refugee Missions Response (RMR)
  • Youth and Women Development and Discipleship (YWDD)
  • Capacity Building for Clergy/Church Workers (CBC)
  • Cross-Cultural Missions/Evangelism Thrust (CCMET)

In brief

Over the years, HIM has strategically focused 80% of its resources, time, and experience on developing youths, young adults, school teachers, church workers, and the womenfolk. The spiritual formation of these groups of people by way of discipleship, education and empowerment, from the classrooms, fields of play etc to the marketplace, has been our strategy. Thus, schools, professionals but especially school teachers, and students have been both our turf and targets for Christ’s Kingdom advancement and national transformation.

On account of the insecurities in South Sudan from July 2016, HIM relocated to Arua, Uganda and is formally registered in Uganda with the appropriate national authorities. As we plot our way into this new region, we acknowledge with deep concern the various needs and challenges, to which we have already began to engage, serving as God’s vessels for solution, leadership, growth and transformation.

His-Sickles is taken from the scriptures in Revelations 14:14-16

And I looked, and behold a white cloud, and upon the cloud one sat like unto the Son of man, having on his head a golden crown, and in his hand a sharp sickle. And another angel came out of the temple, crying with a loud voice to him that sat on the cloud, Thrust in thy sickle, and reap: for the time is come for thee to reap; for the harvest of the earth is ripe. And he that sat on the cloud thrust in his sickle on the earth; and the earth was reaped.

His-Sickles International Missions (HIM) Uganda is led by Pst Uche Izuora and Pst Mrs. Sola Izuora

Our Vision

We exist to discover, disciple, and deploy to the nations, passionate believers in Jesus Christ, who’ll live for the glory of God and the advancement of the gospel in every human endeavor.

Our Location

HIM Base – Bunyu Village, Oluko Sub-county.
Arua, Uganda.