The Project

Akada Education Resource Center presents Big Idea Project

Big Idea Project is a STEM support system for schools where we provide STEM training’s and resources for student and teachers.

Participate in Big Idea Project 2017/18 session Registration closes on October 13, 2017, First 20 schools will be picked








One opportunity for your school to receive


Quality STEM education training from professional Technologist, Engineers and Scientist who are also educators


Unlimited resources at a reduced price


Enjoy network of STEM exhibitions from both local and international organization

Our Current programs include:

  • Mobile APP Development

  • Introduction to Coding

  • Robotics and Engineering

  • Artificial Intelligence for student

  • Virtual Reality and Scientific Documentations

What your school gains:

  • Your student builds a mobile app for the school

  • Your Students assembles and program robotics

  • Your Students will be exposed to VR of what they are being thought in science.

  • Innovative students from your school enjoys education scholarship and project sponsorship.

  • Your school enjoys our resources, information, exhibition and competitions including visiting Silicon Valley during summer.

Talent is everywhere. Resources are not.

Interested? Enlist your school