About Us

Our Focus We are the school’s Technical Partner

Our Vision

Big Idea Project initiated by Akada Educational Resource Center in collaboration with our partners with a focus on Education according to the Sustainable Development Goal 4; We are aimed at ensuring Quality Education and improving learning experience with the use of technology. Our main goal is to partner with schools helping them achieve unimaginable technology feat. We have over time helped over 1,000 students from various schools around the nation through our AKADA Educational Resource Initiatives.

The Big ideaOur Goal

Goal 1: Contribute towards Sustainable Development Goals 4, 5, 9 & 17.

Goal 2: To increase STEAM literacy for all student including those who do not pursue STEAM related careers understanding that personal and societal decisions in the 21st century increasingly require scientific and technological understanding.

Our Initiatives

STEAM Fair 2018

a STEAM Innovation Exhibition that has been slated to take place in Abuja on May 17- 19th 2018

STEAM Adventure

Workshop in your school where our team comes over to train your students on amazing STEAM Projects and show them amazing things done in the tech world.

STEAM Handbook

compendium of STEAM projects safe and executable by students from ages 6 -19 with little or no guidance from teacher/parent but we advise guidance.

School Network

A membership program which network schools and connect them with all we are doing as an organization, providing them with STEM/STEAM opportunities and technology solutions.

STEAM Projects
We have supported over 20
schools across Nigeria.

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Big Idea ProjectObjectives.

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Organize an annual STEAM fair where 200 schools and about 1,000 student exhibits, compete and collaborate with other schools on STEAM related activities.

Let’s take your student on an adventureBig Idea STEAM Adventure

Surrogate Team: Our workshop is available for Students from ages 4 to 19
Future Team We train student who develop mobile app for their schools.
Surrogate Team We love our culture and promote it with technology.

Big Idea National STEAM Fair 2018We can prepare you for it

Online Resources

We have unlimited resources online that spans to links, videos, downloadable files available only to anyone who registers on our website. Become a member today!

STEAM Projects Handbook

a compendium of about 250 STEAM projects safe and executable by students from ages 4 -19 with little or no guidance from teacher/parent but we advise guidance. The Handbook comes with workbook.

Need to know more?

Call/Whatsapp: 08069312243

Email: hello@bigidea.com.ng